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Our pigs stand out for their quality and multipurpose functionality. This reputation has been established over many years of pig manufacturing and supply for most of the world's leading operators in the oil, gas and other process industries.
Pig inteligente

Our complete range of multipurpose pigs includes:

  • Foam Pigs
  • Solid Polyurethane Pigs
  • Metal central body pigs
  • Spheres
  • Smart Pigs for Pipeline Analysis
  • On request special Multipurpose Pigs are developed for specific operations on individual pipelines.

  • To support our customers, we keep in inventory and supply the full range of Spare Parts for Pigs, allowing our customers to get the most value and productivity from their multi-use Pig.
    Multipurpose Pigs are used by operators throughout the entire useful life of a pipeline, from the initial stages of commissioning cleaning, pressure testing and thickness measurement, to removal from service and subsequent abandonment of the line.

    The Pigs allow operators to perform the following operations:

  • Separation and processing of production batches
  • Cleaning
  • Elimination / Withdrawal of the product
  • Product cleaning

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