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Oil-Free Reciprocating compressors work with a wide variety of air and technical gases without the presence of oil contamination. They are suitable for use with LPG, refrigerant gases (R-11, R-13, R-14, R-21, R-22, R-112, R-113, R-131, R-134a, R134b, R -142a, etc.), ammonia, DME, CFC, HCFC, methylamines, dymethylamine, SF6, etc.
The compressors combine robustness and reduced dimensions to provide the highest possible performance in the compression of technical gases, both for storage and for transporting them. It supplies displacement volumes of 32 m³/h or up to 352 m³/h depending on the model.
Available in one stage, two stages or double sealing depending on the product to be treated. The maximum working pressure is 18 bars for single-stage, and 20 bars for two-stage compressors (on request pressures of 35 bars and with special seals)