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The grounding unit GRD 4200 allows monitoring the grounding during loading and unloading of tanker trucks of flammable liquid, where there is a danger of an explosion in classified areas.
Its operation is based on the system of continuous measurement of the earth values (resistance and capacity) to guarantee a correct earthing and a correct control of the loading and unloading pump.
It only allows the connection of the system (pump, valve, others) when it detects the presence of a tank truck and when the ground connection is less than 20 Ohms. Preventing the load, while these two conditions are not fulfilled simultaneously.
  • IP65 / 66 housing in explosion-proof aluminum
  • Connecting clamp complete with 8 meters of cable
  • Test button
  • Permit and block pilots
  • As optional with 30-meter retractable winder
  • SIL certification Level 2 in accordance IEC-61508 and EN-50495