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MARLIA Ingenieros is a company that supplies regulators, loading arms, instrumentation, valves, and level indicators for the oil and gas, LPG, industrial gases and cryogenic markets.

MARLIA Ingenieros was founded in 1999 and since then it has not stoped to growth in the differents markets.

We currently market our products to more than 70 different countries, adapting to the regulations and casuistic of each territory.

Our team is highly qualified to give the best solution for the most demanding customers.

Our first goal is to give the best service to our customer, with satisfactory and reliable solutions. That's the reason so we can grow together with our customers.

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Sales Team
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Our sales team is mainly componed for Sales Engineers.


Natural Gas

North Africa & Midle East

Facilities & Partners
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MARLIA represent more than 20 compannies leaders in the market. We have more than 500 m2 of warehouses with a completely stock of valves, regulators and levels. We design and manufacture solutions under request. We can tackle jobs of casting, welding, cutting, polish and grinding. In short, if there is no a solution we manufacture it.

In our office, we have conferences room with a capicity of 150 persons for trainings, meetings and conferences.

Quality Policy
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Quality is the first reason to be in Marlia Ingenieros and we reflect it in all our actions, so our brands and products have the first quality certifications.

We adapt the technical solutions to fulfill the regulation of each country. Our products have the main approvals of each local market, CE, PED, ATEX, TPED, UL, FAD, NFPA, API, ASME. And we achieve the main export certificates (SASO, SONCAP)

◄ ISO 9001

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Work with us
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So, MARLIA always aspires to continue growing we give you the opportunity to develop a profesional career with us.

We provide a dynamic business opportunity for manufacturers and technicians who want to be part of a serious business in a growing sector, dynamic and highly competitive.

Send your application to the attention of our human resources department or our commercial deparment to: