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Vacuum pressure vent valves allow evacuation of the overpressure or vacuum produced in atmospheric tanks during filling and emptying, or the pressure variations generated by changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure or by the variation in temperature of the fluid or the tank (failure in heating, tracing, heat exchangers). We select and design the vents to comply with the different ISO 28300, API 2000, APQ regulations.
    Our vent valves are designed to meet the main European standards set out in the Atex directive and the and American standard UL, FM (Factory Mutual):
  • EN1127-1: Explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and methodology
  • ISO 80079-36 and 80079-37: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres

    • Available from 2 "to 12", for tares from 25 mm c.a. up to 1 barg:
  • in aluminum SWV series
  • in carbon steel EWV series
  • in Stainless Steel CF8M (AISI316) WW series
  • in polypropylene for acid or corrosives storage tanks PP series
  • other diameters and materials on request
  • All valves can be fitted with proximity sensors to send a signal to the control room