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The floating suctions are used inside aerial tanks or buried tanks, and allow to extract only the clean liquid from the tank surface, avoiding the part contaminated by solid particles, muds or liquids of higher density that are deposited in the bottom of the tank.

The floating aspiration consists of one or more articulated pipes that at its end have floats that keep the product aspiration always at the top of the liquid level, regardless of changes in level. This system can be compulsory in airport facilities tanks dedicated to the storage of kerosene and recommended for diesel and aviation gasoline; in oil storage parks avoiding the aspiration of water, mud, paraffins, which accumulate in the bottom of the tank.

Each floating aspiration is specifically designed for each tank since, depending on its characteristics, the arms can be made up of several pipes, as in tanks with more height than diameter. There are available in several versions:
  • for buried tanks,
  • for aerial tanks,
  • since 2" (DN50) to 16" (400), other under request
  • Materials: aluminum, Stainless Steel and carbon steel.


    Floating suctions are usually installed together with a level gauge board that allows checking with the naked eye that the aspiration arm floats correctly and moves with the variation in the level of the product.